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Why i can't get any order?

I’m level one seller. Everyday i’ll sent 2-4 buyer request but can not get any order. How can i get an order. Please suggest me. Thanks all.

Hi nordeb1234,
You are not getting any order just because buyers are not taking the interested in your gig.
For that you can follow these easy steps-

  1. Change the way you write in the buyer request. Make it more promising and attractive.
  2. Make sure that your gigs are looking professional and watch for your competitors. Although, you have to go ahead from them.
  3. Your description should be convincing and to the point. So that a buyer can trust it.
  4. If possible, please use your own photo as your profile picture.
  5. There is nothing like shortcuts on Fiverr. So, you have to be patient. Regularly respond to the buyer requests and one day you will get that opportunity for which you are waiting.
  6. It’s very important to share your gig as much as you can. Don’t hide it from friends and relatives. Who knows that which step can give you a kick start.
    Best of luck bro.