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Why i cant get any Sales


This is My gig :

What is the really Problem?


Same happening with me, now wait someone who has dominated the market will come here and say “Fiverr is not for everyone mayyyte” In Australian accent.


hi same for me . i have established my gigs afer vacation no sales …what doing ?


Please send your Gig link



Your gig are not completed and High price . I think that is happen to your Gig


do you have any advice beside lowing the price ?


i can not sell for low then 5 bucks fiverr has it limitation


Your standerd price is 200 $


Specify what is your work And why people choose to you


is how a price my stuff , i do my best for a professional design so i charge enough for my hard painfull work


Hey, I work in a different category so can not give you appropriate advice on your gig. But I just noticed. you using copyrighted music on your video (audio jungle tone in back ground :stuck_out_tongue: ). It’s a violation of Fiverr TOS. You should change it immediately or later your gig will be deleted, it also can bring some more trouble (id suspension?).