Why i cant get Order :(


Help Me please to improve my gig and what I have to do for getting first order

Hi, I am a new seller, Please help me to get my first order.how can I promote my gig? I don’t know how to promote.


promote your gigs on social media and websites related your gigs :slight_smile:


i had already try this. but all in vain :frowning:


A few points which you need to consider. First of all only make one post about your gig. There is no need to make duplicate posts. In your description you talk about a $5 price but the order button says $10. As you are only starting off I would suggest just a $5 gig until you move up the levels. Also you mention reviews and tips in your description. This will put some buyers off as to leave a tip or a review is at the discretion of the buyer. You also say 4 day delivery and 5 day maximum. Think you should stick to a specified delivery time and if you can deliver earlier than that so much the better.


Try going to the “Buyer Request” Section, I got my first order from there!


What about people who haven’t attained the minimum number of reviews required to unlock buyer’s request.


I’m pretty sure that the buyers request section is available to people without reviews/orders, since that’s where I got my own first orders. Is it not showing for you?


share your gig social media, like fb, twitter, linkedin, youtube etc. And every day sent buyer request.


It says 0 orders left and i have never made use of it.


This pops up at my page when i click on buyers request.

You must have at least 90% positive rating to make new offers!

I have 83% positive rating so far. Dont you think fiverr has being unfair? lol


Make a website, SEO it and place your services there! DO google ads, fb ads, linkeding ads for the website!
you will see the results :slight_smile:


Thanks so much.I do appreciate


Yeah, the positive rating thing can be tough. You might just have to try outside places for promoting your gig. :wink:


Please can you suggest any?


Ahh, I might not be the right person to ask for this, since I’ve mostly relied on returning customers as well as buyers requests.
I’m also a student, so my social circle isn’t exactly full of professionals or anything. I could reach out, but as someone who’s a full-time student (and working full-time over the summer) I’m happy with the amount of work I have at the moment. As much as I love writing/editing, I still have to sleep :stuck_out_tongue: