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Why i cant see buyer request

Hi, I am new here at Fiverr?
Can someone please help me out how to get orders I could not find buyer request in there?


On the top menu bar, there is the “More” option. When you click on it, you can see buyer requests (however, if you haven’t made a gig yet, you won’t see any requests).

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yes i know it there but i cannot see buyer request?

Buyer request are really visible when you have a 90% approval ratings :slightly_smiling_face:

who must approve us?
is it fiverr authorities or general public?
Or are you speaking about the 5 star rating which we get after we completes the orders?

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Are you a New Seller? If so, you won’t receive very many buyer request, especially if you’re in a small category.

For example, I used to be in the Logo Design category and the Business Card category, and those always had tons of BRs, but now the categories my gigs are in don’t have very many BRs.

Yep, he’s talking about the rating. You need to have positive ratings on at least 90% of your orders in order to be able to leave offers to BRs!