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Why I cant see Customer Feedback after completing order?

Customer give me a feedback but i dont know whether its positive or not. How we come to know so i can give him a review also

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Obviously as it’s written on your notification that you will be able to see the feedback only after you leave your feedback.

Didn’t you read the text of notification?


Yeah. I read. But how i come to know that whether his feedback is positive or not so i can act accordingly.

You can not.

And you shouldn’t rate your experience based on what review they left for you.

Seriously, why would you try to cheat the system? There is no hidden tricks to overcome it. Just rate fairly your experience that you had with your buyer and that’s it.


Maria, Actually its my 1st order completed. Thats why i am asking about method of giving the review. I cant even think of cheating the system because ultimately system helps us to getting the clients. Hope, You will understand my situation.

Kind Regards.

Just like @mariashtelle1 Said, when you rate your client, your clients review would then show up.

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click on notifications if your client have given you the review then you will see a notification like @mariashtelle1 Maria send you up there in screenshot. then click on that notification you will move to the next page where you have to give your feedback bout the buyer then submit that… and this you can see what your client have given you about your order… hope so this will helps

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