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Why i can't see more buyers request


Can some one please guide me why i can only see few buyers request. In a day whenever i check either there are no request at all or just 4 to 5 are available.
Do the buyers request depends on the tags which i added in my gigs?

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Buyer will receive a request
According to your gig account
You need your 5 tags correctly
See the buyer’s requests a number of times

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I keep checking after 2 or 3 hours :frowning: But i will try to be more frequent. Thanks

Yess this Problem occurs many time But no Problem keep up Your work .
In Sha Allah you will receive Buyers Requests


InshaALLAH :slight_smile: Thanks for boosting up

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Hope it will fix quickly @fouziafaiz990

Yes, I hope so…

Buyers Requests are usually based on the Category of your gig(s).

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Yes… I am aware of that @glendrisholderc :slight_smile: Looking to get in increased number

“If buyers are having trouble finding what they’re looking for or have a special request, they can submit a Gig request. Gig requests matching the subject for a Gig you offer will appear on the Buyer Requests page.”

Well you can only see more if you in increase your gigs (selecting various categories).

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Same is happening with me. I am getting just 5-9 buyers request daily.

:star: Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, BR FAQ's, Times, Issues Etc.) Updated August 2018 .