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Why I can't see my gig?


When I was trying to find my kinetic typography gig with other browser. I can’t find my gig. It looks like there is no gig from my account. I don’t what’s going on. Is that ok?

One more suggestion please. I complete 5 order, But I can’t see hand button in my account. What should I need to do now?

Thanks in advance.


First of all, check properly that your gig is published or in Draft or in review or paused. If your gigs is published, then you can preview it easily.

If you go to your published gigs list, at the right hand you will see a dropped down icon, you can preview your gigs from here.

Sometime, probably most of the time your gigs may not found in search result. Because it takes time to index.


How many days it take to index.


It takes as long as it takes. Generally, however, most people have noted that it can take up to 2-3 days.


What will happen if we edit the gig, will it be reindexed?



After you edit your gig, it will be removed from the listings, and placed under review by Fiverr. Once reviewed, and if your edits are accepted, your gig will be returned to the listings.


But it takes more than 2-3 days


Thank you. Really appreciate your help :slight_smile:


Like I said, it will take as long as it takes. The 2-3 days is merely what I have head from others, or experienced with my own gig edits. If you have concerns about the editing process, please contact Customer Support. The link to do so is at the bottom of any Fiverr site page.


You’re welcome. :slight_smile:


Don’t worry. It also took some days to publish a gig. Be patient. I hope it’ll publish soon if not yet.



Thanks for your kind information.