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Why I can't see my gigs in search of any category (Help)

My I account now is level 1 and I can’t found my gigs if I search that, anybody can help me about that :-((

I only see one gig listed on your profile. It’s a very commonly offered type of gig with a simple title. One guess I would make is there is just too much competition with your keywords and title to get you very far in search. If you sell enough gigs that might boost you some but even then there is never a guarantee. You might consider offering some other gigs you could do well and try to make one or two in lower competition category and with some unique keywords. Even if people don’t see your video gig right away, if they find you under other categories they might look to see what else you offer.

Be sure that you don’t add gig types that are outside of Fiverr’s editorial focus or those won’t show up in search at all and won’t help you. (Examples of gigs that would not be best to add are social media likes/follows/friends and reviews. Traffic gigs, SEO gigs and SEO articles are also less than ideal.)

Try to search for your user name in the search bar if it shows up.

You should create more gigs and try to offer unique services

Reply to @fonthaunt: Thanks for your answer, that is really helped me and I will make a new gigs in future.

Reply to @dexblog: Thanks for your answer,
I will make a new gigs in future.