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Why I can't see my Response Time?


I can’t see my response time when I access my profile and If I try to access in incognito mode it doesn’t show either.

Help :wink:

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Have you received messages from other Fiverr users in the last 60 days and responded to them?

Sure :wink:

I always respond my clients on time.

Maybe it’s a bug. You could contact Fiverr CS about it. Your response time seems to be set at “0” so maybe it doesn’t get displayed because of that. Maybe you respond very fast :slight_smile: . Normally I think after the first message that is replied to it should get shown.

Technically “response time” isn’t that accurate. I’ve only seen it get shown down to 1 hour (maybe it should show more accurately than rounded to the nearest hour). What if you responded closer to 0 hours than 1 hour on average. What if, when it gets rounded to the nearest whole number - and maybe 0 is the closest (eg. maybe on average you respond within 29 mins), but because it’s 0 it won’t get shown? Maybe CS will know what (if anything) is wrong with it.

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It’s solved.

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You should contact fiverr support

hey there :slight_smile:
I think you should try by clearing your cache ( Ctrl + Shift + Del )
or you can try on a different browser :slightly_smiling_face:

I recommend you to read the complete thread before posting any suggestions. The OP himself mentioned the problem as solved.