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Why I can't see the Earnings after my First Order?


Hi, I’ve just made my first order, but I just see in the earnings tab that I’ve made money on the active (but completed) order but still don’t see any earnings in the page. Why ?

How many days should I wait ?


After completed the order. You will get money pending and after 15 days you will get it to your balance.


If the buyer doesn’t accept the order it’ll autocomplete in 3 days, you can withdraw funds 14 days (ish) after that.


it says now "Funds Pending Clearance " what does it mean? do I need now to wait 15 days?


its will be 15 days, in business day they didn’t sent your earning, so be patience


Yes, you do - 14 or 15 days. If you read the info in the link I posted for you, you’ll find out everything you need to know - good luck! :sunny: