Why i cant sell my gig :'(


i dont understand why i cant sell my gig :’(



Where does your gig appear on the search? How many clicks, views, impressions are you getting? If you’re getting clicks and views but no orders then it’s definitely your gig description/personal profile that isn’t helping. If you’re not getting clicks/views then it’s where it appears in the search or what it looks like in the search.

Change your premium description to clarify what ‘and more’ means.

Don’t offer unlimited revisions.

Make your primary image more exciting.

Change your description to include more. The words you use here will be what persuades a buyer to order or to go away and order from someone else.

Check your tags are useful to find your gig. See what others in your category are using.


yes i get a lot of clicks and views but no order :’(


Try being more unique and add a personalized touch to your Gig. Both when it comes to the Title, Description and Gig Images.

The market your Gig is in, is quite saturated.

Make sure you stand out. Make Buyers want to hire you over your competition.

Appeal to them through personalization as you can’t appeal by having more reviews than competitors (yet).


i will try make what u say


You used a lot of generic terms to make something very simple to sound complicated. A quote from zen of python. Simple is better than complex. Complex is better than complicated. I have a background in art and I have no idea what “Technology Motion Design Text Titles Logo HD Video Intro” is. So many generic words linked together doesn’t make your fiverr gig sounding sophisticated or complex, its just confusing.


tnx bro i will try change the titre


I think the gig is brilliant, but there is possibly little market for it? People don’t like an animation or a movie playing automatically when they visit a website, so most website owners will probably not go for it.

It’s probably most used by movie makers. I think you need to rethink you potential audience. People who post videos to Youtube would probably be your best audience because they can brand their videos.

Maybe if you revised it to include the keywords “YouTube” and marketed it mostly for people who work with videos.

EDIT: I’ve just seen that you already include the keyword Youtube. The title is confusing though. You also don’t need to specify HD because they can see that in the description later. Your title needs to be something better.


please give me the best title


I can’t think well right now, but I’m thinking something like “I will creatively animate your logo”

I’m not too sure… think along those lines. Perhaps even check out some of the other gigs in your market to get ideas.


Having a poor gig description and/or title wouldn’t help with sales.

  1. Try adding a fun, interesting title.
  2. Try adding more examples as to what you can create for potential buyers given that you have no folio yet.
  3. Clearly specify what you get for each upgrade.
  4. Clearly explain what you offer, your current description isn’t to exciting or informative :wink:

:bulb: Joe