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Why i can't send message to my buyer?

i can’t send a message to my buyer from my laptop but i can message him from my phone.what was the actual problem here .what should i do now ?

Easy Problem.
He is Report & Block your profile :persevere:

no .i can chat with my buyer from my phone but when i go to send him a message from my laptop i didn’t send him message

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Do you have an order from this ‘buyer’ or are they someone you decided to ask if they wanted to buy your gig?

he didn’t give me order yet but he said he will contract with me to give order .problem is i can’t give him message from my laptop

Yeah.we can blocked persons from phone

I’ve seen this happen when a buyers account has been suspended either temporarily of sometimes permanently.

but he message me and i also message him from my phone but i didn’t message from my laptop

what language this is ?

Sorry …It’s my fault :blush:

I think he might have blocked your messages.

He is not your buyer. He is someone who does not want to hear from you so stop sending him messages even from your phone.


but he wanted to contact with me ! he was sending me message also.

Then wait for him to contact you.

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