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Why I cant sent my domain link to client

why I can’t sent my domain link to my client can anyone explain it to me I read the terms and condition but couldn’t understood it properly can anyone kindly explain it to me and who can i solve this problem :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

What is the domain name? Is it an email? It’s not allowed to send your email, or anything else buyer will be able to contact you from.

No it is not an email it is my sample works to the client but couldn’t able to sent it

What is it? Is it a website?

yes it is a website…

Then you are not allowed to share your website as per TOS. You can upload your portfolio in your gig samples.

then who can i solve this problem …??

Only this links are allowed:

All other websites (especially personal ones) are forbidden.

I already gave that answer in my previous message. You can showcase your work on your gig or follow @arty182925 advice.

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so if i want show sample to my client. so who can I show it to him …??

Are you serious? We already gave you so many ways to show your portfolio.

You can not share your personal website with your client. And you can not trick the system. THERE IS NO WAY to send you personal website.

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I am saying this because I have seen some people to sent there link to there client. so if they can why I can’t… that’s why I am saying this again and again

You need to read everything again

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