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Why I can't withdraw funds?

Hi all, I wanted to check with you if you had issue like I have now. The thing is that from very beginning I had various issues with my account from not being able to link PayPal account at all to this that I can’t even claim my money, it just sends me to the home page and every time I try same story, just going in circles.

I have contacted CS and they said they are working on this and that it isn’t a common issue and it is taking them a month to solve this! Now they started ignoring me and asking me for understanding, I would say they should have understanding, I had it until now, but not anymore.

Any suggestions? Is there a way to get in contact with someone who is above CS?

Thank you!


I think that will probably not help, but did you tried clearing your browser’s cookies and cache, and trying with a variety of different browsers?

I have tried everything, from cleaning cache, different browsers, doing absolutely everything, also run as administrator, run in incognito mode, even installed operative system again. Literally everything.

They are the ones that made the problem, also my money went to the wrong mail because they didn’t put one more full stop so I had to wait 30 days for money to come back. And now they are ignoring me and not even doing anything, no update, no answers, no resolution to the problem. And I really don’t know what to do anymore.

Sorry, I didn’t quite get that.

“because they didn’t put one more full stop”

What’s “one more full stop”?

The . that I have in my mail, because I wasn’t able to even link my PayPal account.

Weird. Gmail for example will not allow you to do that, and not only Gmail.

If you try, you’ll get a message saying:
“A fan of punctuation! Usernames can’t have consecutive periods.”

If your registered mail is on a strange domain and two dots, why don’t you register a new one, link it to your PayPal, try again, and if nothing works, contact CS again with an updated information on your case.


It’s not the problem, it would have worked if they typed it correctly, the issue now is that it’s not even triggering the whole process once I click on withdraw with PayPal, it just opens a home page, no sms to confirm it, literally nothing. And yet, they just ignore me and are not solving this for a month now.

I withdrew money literally a few days ago. I’m don’t have an SMS confirmation or anything, it just starts the process. Weird. It may be a bug triggered by something in your account.

For example, yesterday I couldn’t upload my new profile image for 2 straight hours. And it just happened after that, automatically it was uploaded.

It’s a software. Computers. Bugs do happen.

Woah, I guess Fiverr is full with bugs. I am just scared to try again or it will all go wrong again and I will have to wait again and the whole process won’t be finish until I don’t know when.

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Not only Fiverr. Google, YouTube, my websites, my clients’ websites, cars, refrigerators, TV’s, smartphones. iOS crashed all the time on me, same as my Android devices. If you think only electronics break, you’re so in the wrong. Mechanical components fail too. And sometimes it’s not even our fault. Our bodies fail us sometimes too. Flu, viruses, bacteria, broken bones and joints, sprained ankles. If everything was perfect, we would have not needed Doctors, Surgeons and 112, respectively 911.

Yeah, I completely understand you, I am not saying anything is perfect, just saying that the CS doesn’t understand or appreciate our time, and is behaving way too unprofessional, at least in my case.

I don’t think it’s personal. Fiverr, from my basic knowledge, is an enormous Corporation, and Fiverr’s total number of sellers is probably thousands. And thousands of buyers. Imagine how huge the Staff numbers must be to handle all requests immediately.

It’s not immediately, it’s a whole month. And if they have so good stuff, someone should be able to fix that.

Another idea.
Why don’t you post in the Bugs section, because that’s “Your Fiverr Experience”?

Click here:

Didn’t see it, will do. Thanks!

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Sure thing. Help this works out. Post here what happened later.

Поздрави от BG!

I will do that.

Pozdrav iz Srbije! :slight_smile:


Cool. Видимо се! :upside_down_face:

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Hi, I promised to let you know and forgot. Sorry about that. Well, after 3 month they fixed it. xD