Why I can't withdraw my money?


Hi all, I wanted to check with you if you had issue like I have now. The thing is that from very beginning I had various issues with my account from not being able to link PayPal account at all to this that I can’t even claim my money, it just sends me to the home page and every time I try same story, just going in circles.

I have contacted CS and they said they are working on this and that it isn’t a common issue and iit had been for more than a month that I am waiting! Now they started ignoring me and asking me for understanding, I would say they should have understanding, I had it until now, but not anymore. And now they aren’t even answering on my questions, no reply or update for more than a week!

Any suggestions? Is there a way to get in contact with someone who is above CS? Did any of you had this problem?

Thank you!


Hi @mashas_studio ,

I used PayPal earlier because now I use Payoneer for withdrawals. But I’m interested what message you get when you try to link Fiverr with your PayPal account ?

And also do you know you have to wait 14 days after (2 weeks) before your funds (earnings) are available to withdraw ?

And it will be better if you can share any screenshot of ERROR.

If you can’t solve that I think you need to try different PayPal account because sometimes that can be solution or you have to move and start using Payoneer.

I’m sorry because I’m not saying that works 100% but that’s all I can offer as user here and the reason why I’m writing is because I know where people have problems they’re angry and want to discuss about problem and attempt to solve it. By the way two opinion are better than one :slight_smile:

I hope that will help you and I’m sure Fiverr Support will help you.


Hello there, yeah, I know that for the wait time, I have linked the PayPal account and that’s good, and I have amount to withdraw, the thing is that it isn’t showing any error when I try to withdraw, just opens the home page and nothing else.

The support made the problem at start when they entered wrong mail because I haven’t had option at all, and I had to wait 30 days for the money to come back, but now they fixed that. And about current problem they are just ignoring me, they “are working”, whole month and no solution!


I’m sorry for that :frowning:

But here not have other option only to solve that problem and Fiverr will solve it. So continue selling new gigs and be focused on getting new orders


Oh, I really hope for them to be a little bit more reasonable and find someone who knows how to do his job.


It’s weird that you get redirected to the home page. Do you use Chrome?


Yes, used Slimjet too, both in incognito, cleared cache, I think everything that came into my mind.


Have you checked your email for any confirmation link when you try to withdraw ?


Yes, it’s always open, and there wasn’t anything, no confirmation, no sms, nothing, just opens Fiverr home page and that’s it.