Why i can't work


Buyer give me 4.4 star review out of 5 satr but i can’t make buyer request what is the problem?And how buyer can modify that review he wants to modify his review


It’s because your average is below 4.5, therefore blocking you from applying for BR.

I think that you should try contacting customer support if you want to modify a review.


Buyer already contact with customer support :expressionless: Can i get out of these problem ?


Not sure what you mean there. Has customer support responded?


No they don’t response yet :frowning_face:


I’d suggest waiting for them to respond then. Depending on how long it’s been, they might not have seen your buyer’s message yet.


I can’t understand why my buyer give me 4 review.Because he was totally satisfied.:tired_face:


I read:

Service as Described: 4 stars.
Would Recommend: 4 stars.

The title of your Gig is: “I will make 3 creative logo in just 4 hours.

Did you delivered 3 logos in 4 hours?


Yes i delivered that in time


Alright. I assume that “in time” means “4 hours”. Wait for CS.


:disappointed_relieved: I am waiting but don’t get any message from there