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Why I can't write?

Hi i’m a new seller.
Why i can’t write?

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  1. You’re not supposed to show the user names from messages on the forum so I think the screenshot should be edited.

  2. You can’t reply because the user no longer has an active account on Fiverr.


Does the rule still apply if the user no longer has an active account on Fiverr?

I don’t think it applies. Cause no one will be able to contact him/her anyway.

The terms of service say " Privacy & Identity - You may not publish or post other people’s private and confidential information…". It doesn’t say it’s okay after a user no longer exists on the site. Though in this case the only private info is the username and the fact that that user contacted a specific seller and at what date & time, and the fact that the user is no longer on the site and maybe because Fiverr deactivated the account.

Though the username should probably still have been blanked out. It might still come under data protection/privacy laws even if the TOS didn’t have a rule against it.

Also the Fiverr community rules posted by Fiverr staff says:

Posts with links or images showing the usernames in private messages or elsewhere fall under the same rule unless names are completely blurred or blacked out.

It doesn’t give an exception if the user’s account is no longer active.