Why I chose Fiverr over other freelance sites


My first thought on becoming a freelancer emerged around two years ago. At first, I did not really know how much money could be made online, but with a bit of research, I discovered that there were people who freelanced for a living. This was quite surprising for someone like me, who is used to working in a real office outside my home.

During my research, I came across Fiver, but a few other freelance sites as well. I did not really know if I should try any of them out, but I finally decided to give it a go.

The one thing which made Fiverr stand out from the rest in the first minutes was the fact that it was easy to use. My personal opinion is that most of the current freelance sites are too complicated. They have too much information displayed on one page, which makes it hard for sellers and buyers to get the job they need done fast. Together with this, other sites make it hard for sellers to withdraw their funds, or complete their gigs.

Fiverr surprised me with its easy to use interface. At that time, the first version of Fiverr was being used, so the site has greatly improved since then while other freelance sites have remained the same. Not only have the folks at Fiverr made their site more intuitive, but they also made it look a lot better.

Leaving the looks and the ease of use alone, Fiverr was also one of the first sites on which I got an order. Other sites were too full of scams and people who were not serious in their work.

Well, I can honestly say a big thank you for making my freelance dream become a reality. I am far from earning enough to quit my job, but I do not consider making a living online a lie anymore. With more than 120 orders completed and after I have earned more than $1200, I truly believe that Fiverr has potential to become a lot bigger and help out many others.


Good news!!! :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing your inspiring success and thoughtful analysis.


Interesting, glad to hear you’re doing well on fiverr! My experience has also been very pleasant. I have had experience with other freelance sites, but I think fiverr is very different. Fiverr is more broad - you can offer virtually anything. Although the pay is only $5 each time - when other sites specialize in bigger payments for each order, those $5 stack up when you are getting regular orders every day.


Thank you all for responding!

Celine, that’s my exact thought. The pay may be $5 for each order, but having 2-3 orders per day can bring up to $300 a month, so that is still great! Regardless of this, my average selling price, thanks to Fiverr’s statistics is a lot higher than $5, so there is room for earning a lot more on each individual order.


when I joined fiverr I was reluctant as $5 what’s about, services are more worth while than $5,but later realised this is entry point, I have earned $100 for single gig(due to customize offer). Amazing and moreover in the first month of joining fiverr!. If you are serious in your work and have passion for whatever you like to do Fiverr is best solution


I agree, I just started but I believe in Fiverr and it’s earning potential. Lets rock on:-)


@danielzo I agree, it is so much easier to use then other sites but one thing I don’t like is that it takes 14 days to get your money :-/ other then that, fiverr is perfect. :smiley: