Why I chose this freelancing platform


Hello there, fellow freelancers. I am new here and I hope I’m welcome here (lol).
Personally I think fiverr is a great platform and I did ton’s of personal research before signing up for this platform. However I noticed a few things with my account, before signing up I read I could bid for jobs using the buyer’s request but since I created my gig fews days ago I can’t seem to find any requests:disappointed_relieved:
Is this something that happens always or there’s an issue with my account?

I can’t also find my account when I search for it using the search bar.

I design website and my gig is based on building WordPress websites.
I’ll be happy to hear all your contributions.


Welcome. Check this out: Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, Inconsistencies, Etc.) Updated July 2018
Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome :slight_smile: yes your account is not found in search when I searched your username, you should contact CS about this .


I was able to find the account by posting my own account name in the main Fiverr bar at the very top of the page and then replacing it with the name of the OP.


yes found it:slightly_smiling_face:


Your gig is good, make more gigs it will help in showing buyer request.


I will, working on some more gigs.
Thanks for you response, it was very comforting:hugs:


Thank you. This was really helpful.