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Why i could not intregrated porfolio in my Gig

I have a Gig name create Mailchimp Editable Email Template.I have share this Gig on my social network.In couple of Days later I change my mind to change my Gig’s pic .This reason i Delete my Gig’s pic and now when i try to added this gig pic it’s does not added only remain a old picture .this Gig is one month old and i does not want do delete my gig what could i do now any ideas…

I couldn’t get you though but

You can create one more gig providing same services.
Don’t hesitate to make a new one, sharing to social media help somewhat but Fiverr gives considerable traffic to new gigs and if gigs have good cover image and title, they will surely get orders.
make sure you bid buyer requests to help them in what you are good at.


I am not 100% sure if this is going to help, but try following:

  1. Do not keep same name of the file as you did last time. Let say image you uploaded last time has name “GigImage”, this time keep it something different e.g “GigImage2”.
  2. Contact CS and they will sort it out for you.

Hope it helps! :slight_smile:

you need to contact fiverr customer support. he/she will be resolve your issue surely. thanks

hi rahulkajla1, I already did it thus you say also try for other Gig’s does not work. My two Gig will be lost I think.

I wold contact customer support and ask them how you can change your portfolio photos. It sounds more like a technical problem that something isn’t working right.

Did you try logging off of Fiverr, closeing your computer and restarting your computer again and log in to Fiverr? Sometimes things can get buggy if you never shot down or reboot things. It is worth a try.

Here read this:

I also wonder if you are having problems with English because some things do not make any sense.

You have a gig that has a title:

“I will make Form page or Login page for $5”

But then you show no forms or logins, it says all about customized themes. When I read a gig title like that, I think you are doing to do a “Contact Us Form” or maybe a “Registration Form” if I need that for my website. So your photos and your write up do not make any sense.

Maybe someone else can try and explain some of this also.

See…this looks like a FORM…

yes i would restart my computer and clear my browser history. just new i also added a gig here is some problem do not changing pic.

cookies and history all thing i delete and i thing no session does not hanging around my computer.

Today has same problem.I contact customer support for help.I think this would be technical problem.

I have the same problem :frowning:

same here :slight_smile:

Hey meow_bug , how long you face the problem? can you tell me…

it’s the same here i want to change the gig image but it doesn’t happen , in plus when i put an image as the first one , it becomes in second place and the second images becomes in the first place which is really annoying because i want a certain image to be in front :frowning:
Please Fiverr fix that pleasee

same problem here i can’t upload new pic in my Gig :frowning:

are you contact Customer Support for help?

Is there any solution for upload new image for my gig?It is very urgent because my gig have being passed three day without any image.

Reply to @khademulfaiez: did you clear the “cookies”? I do not know what else to tell you. Please contact Customer Support for more help.