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Why I decided to take my business away from Fiverr?

First of all, let me introduce myself to you in numbers:

  • I’m a Freelancer with 10 years of experience.
  • I work on 5 different freelancing platforms
  • I’ve completed over 720 projects during that time.
  • I’m a Udemy and Skillshare instructor and I teach freelancing and two of my courses are about Fiverr where I teach students how to get started with freelancing.

On Fiverr:
I’ve completed 136 orders with 112 ratings, 108 of them are 5-star ratings.

And what level am I right now on Fiverr?
I am a " No level Seller!"

Does that clearly say that the new rating system is broken or do I need to say more?

I’ve heard a lot of complaints about that before here on the forum and other blogs, but it seems that there is no intention to fix that so I guess I’d better take my business away and not worry much about my Fiverr profile anymore, until they decide to see what’s wrong with their rating system and fix it!

What do you guys think?


It’s your choice mate, but don’t worry to much about the levels, i’ve been a Level 2, level one, Level 0, Level 2, Level 0, i’ll become Level 1, and a Level 2, and a Top-Rated seller in the future. Levels change every month, so that’s nothing to worry about, sometimes personal issues affect our availability on fiverr. I know that that’s not fair, but on somebody’s home, you got to play by their rules.
As a freelancer it is always wise to avoid having all the eggs in one basket, so diversity is key to success.

That’s my two cents.


Serious question - if they don’t seem to matter, why have them?


I’ve been a level two seller for years who was knocked down to a level zero because of some nutty glitch in the response rate calculator a few months back. I just got “promoted” to a level one, but suspect that I will be a zero again because Fiverr refused to answer my request that they look into my mutual cancellations of eight orders in a month (due to them being student requests, and thus against fiverr’s own TOS). I have found that it is the stars and ratings that matter more to buyers than the levels, for the most part. I have never suffered from being a level zero, or a level one. I think levels have more to do with your access to things within the site and your ability to be chosen for front page or whatever, but I have found that most clients don’t give a rat’s skinny tail about them at all.

I didn’t say that levels don’t matter, they do matter, but there is always the ability to improve your levels every month on the 14th.


I totally agree, and that’s exactly what I thought the first month I was demoted from Level 2 to level 1 but now, when you’re at the “No level” stage, you don’t have buyer requests to apply for and you don’t appear on search high enough to get any sales, so basically lowering the level means lower traffic and less work and the main issue with this stage is that any tiny glitch, like a lower rating, late delivery or even an unrated gig, means your numbers go way down right away!

I currently have a 75% on-time delivery for a single missed delivery date during my 136 gigs I delivered!
Can you imagine that???

I agree, my clients don’t care about the level but it’s reflected on where you appear in search and how much traffic your gigs receive. The traffic I used to get as a Level 2 seller are comparable to what I have now.

I totally agree on not having all your eggs in one basket, and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing and glad I did.

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my opinion is that if you are such a professional seller it would be easy for you to funnel buyers here regardless of search algorithm if you wanted to… I may be wrong, but that’s my guess.

You have the ability to get more clients (and probably are), but don’t mind dealing with them directly to save yourself 20%

If you would like to have your gig higher in search rankings, and it hasn’t sold in a while, you might do well simply by bringing a few customers through your fiverr account just to remind the algorithm that you exist.

I’m going to speculate here, and say that if you are a seller with plenty of high ratings, and begin getting less orders than you used to, the algorithm might be designed to give you worse ranking than you used to get, because they want you to bring clients here.

I like speculating about the possible reasonings behind the way the search algorithm works…

when I asked customer service directly they did not want to reveal how it works, so there must be a purpose to what it does. probably they aren’t fixing it because it works exactly as designed.


I am not really going to get involved in this debate (yet) for the most part. I’d rather let the discussion for on for a bit. There is one comment that I want to make because it’s related to ranking and levels specifically. There is another seller who has talked a lot about ranking and I’m going to tag him because I’m not trying to talk behind his back, I’m curious about how this all relates. @xuntes has made multiple comments on the forum about search.

If I understand him right (and he can correct me if not) he sees unleveled sellers ranking higher than leveled sellers in many cases. I think he also mentions that sellers with 100 or 200 reviews will sometimes rank higher than sellers with 500 or 1000. He dislikes this and considers it a glitch unless that has changed since I last saw him mention it. I imagine there are others who agree.

If that is true, is that Fiverr intentionally ranking higher level and higher review sellers most of the time because they earned it, but sometimes ranking sellers opposite to level the field some? I’m just tossing that into the discussion out of curiosity.

Level matters a lot here, I have been Level 2, and now I am on my way for Level 1. My impression falls down when I am “No level”. Sadly but I think this is bad idea, and I don’t think everyone likes it. Sellers cannot be “No level” with 100+ reviews, with someone with 10-20 reviews.

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I agree with you, it makes no sense at all to be a “No level” seller when you have over a hundred 5-star reviews!
And it definitely matters in the amount of new orders you get, as far as I have seen.

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I do have clients off the platform but I try to keep things separate so I work with them directly and I keep Fiverr for the clients I get through them only.

I could do what you suggested, just to revive my profile, that is a good suggestion, although I am not sure I will be doing that.

I believe they should be more transparent as to what affects the rating system and how we can improve our rating.

I’m glad you remembered me about this @fonthaunt, and you didn’t misunderstood my points, even if we disagree some points.

But as I always say, I know fiverr do these changes to earn more profits, such as this doubled fee (from $1 to $2, its just 1 dollar but it’s 100% more). Fiverr is a company, and their main objective is profit. This is the only way to a company survive.

What I don’t understand are these changes which are clearly bad for fiverr, buyers and sellers. I it really breaks my head to understand why favor low rated gigs instead high rated? Why create such crazy level system (where a seller who hhave 100% rating in 3 aspects and 89% in one will get demoted, when a seller who have 90% in all aspects can keep it’s level).

In my point of view, sometimes fiverr tries to prove that 1 is higher than 2, even they know it’s not.

unfortunately buyers dont care about levels and rating, and etc. The sellers who is found first has more chance to get and order. And those who are found first nowadays, aren’t the best ones.

The best sellers in my opinion, those who I believe should be the first to be found, are those who brings fiverr buyer’s a best experience, attached with more revenues per order. I resume, those who makes buyers happier for the highest price possible.

If you take a time, please search for the keyword “LINE ART” and take a look at the similarity of the first gigs to be found. This is the reason I stick with: those to be found first should be those who are the best.
EDIT: (if you check half of those who appear on RELEVANCE and RECOMMENDED and BEST SELLING are gigs who are delivering the same arts, for many different buyers. I have no access to fiverr data, but I bet my account that these gigs are all related with something that break fiverr ToS).

In the past those on top were those who were good. Nowadays are those who may be (or may not) good. It makes no sense to me.

This is simply meritocracy. I dont want to discuss politics here, but the best way to rule a country is with a Communist/Socialist orientation (the theory is perfect), but the one which really works is Capitalism (we all no it’s not the best, but it works).

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I think that’s exactly how it works, after certain ranking points the algorithm gives less experienced sellers a higher search rank to give them a chance, and same reasoning as above: they expect top quality sellers to be bringing in traffic.

again, that’s just my speculation on the matter.

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I’m glad I understood you. I’m not worried about whether we agree or not, that is what a discussion forum is about as long as we are all being friendly.

This might be part of what we disagree about since I don’t think all the changes are bad for everyone. At the moment, though, my curiosity was about your thoughts on ranking. It seems like you’ve seen non-leveled sellers and sellers with lower numbers of review who rank higher than sellers who have higher levels and more reviews. For someone like @elmalak, it seems to me that this would be in his favor since he would still have a shot at ranking somewhere higher even after a demotion.

This part I agree with you on, though only partly. I think there are parts of the system that could absolutely use work. I dislike that a seller can be penalized for cancelling and order if the buyer places an order that breaks ToS. For example, if I had a buyer who purchased my gig and asked me to write a school report, I would need to cancel it or find a way to work out something different with the buyer. It could put me in a negative position without it being my fault. That’s true for other sellers too.

When it comes to the things that sellers have pretty direct control of, like response rate and delivery time, I am more inclined to think that the new level system is fair. I am not sure that I would have chosen 90% if someone had asked me, I probably would have bit more gentle than that, but I do understand why they might choose to do routine automated evaluations for all sellers.

What I tagged you about was mostly this ranking issue since it seems that people have very different experiences with that. I don’t know quite why that is and if that is actually beneficial those who do get demoted. Good questions. I sure don’t have all the answers.


If this is true, it would likely also help give demoted sellers a leg up to re-earn their levels. I think that the longer than spend at level 0, though, the fewer boosts they get.

So, if a new seller can’t meet the requirements to level up in the first place, after a year they might really drop to the bottom. If a demoted seller works and finds a way to climb back up in 60-120 days perhaps they are fine but if they don’t, they also might sink to the bottom. If this is deliberate, it wouldn’t surprise me. Is it bad or good? Depends on whom you ask.

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the specifics are impossible to guess, but that the algorithm is working as designed seems fairly likely to me.

Like I mentioned in other posts, I’m a graduated Business Administrator. Some thinks like this quoted runs completely against the basic of running a business.

For example, fiverr doesn’t work with stock, they don’t need to promote low rated products to get rid of this. This is bad because they are using gigs that MAY or MAY NOT promote a good experience to buyers, while in the past ranking those who where on top where those who were better on doing this.

Today is a doubt, in the past it was sure. Some changes they should do and test (if it’s good keep it, if it’s not then change back), but I can’t agree they should do this with everything.

If they want to do more profits, they should encourage buyers for this, instead deliberating giving things to discrete sellers, expecting something good.

Really, some strategies are so ridiculous that it makes any business student to laugh.

commit mistakes are human, but insist on mistakes are stupidity.

For me those who should be on top should be the real best sellers, and fiverr should encourage sellers to do their best to get there, instead giving the best traffics… Nowadays, like I mentioned (in other post), there are many fake sellers (who are buying their reviews, and using multiple accounts, and multiple similar gigs, all these violates ToS, but it’s completely manipulable) on top of rankings. Is this fair?

meritocracy is still the best way to evaluate someone performance.

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I can feel you @xuntes but this old tricks will always be in parts of every business. After you knowing this, there are no more bad sellers or good sellers, but there will be only dirty sellers and clean sellers, so which one are you want to be ? it’s up to you.
But I do more like to call it business strategy.