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Why I decided to take my business away from Fiverr?

I don’t have an opinion about if its fair or not. I’m pretty new here, so to me it’s all been just figuring out if this place could work for me. Which for now it does, and that’s great. I’m unattached to fiverr spiritually, I’m just glad for the experience, and that its working for me right now… Ultimately, I don’t like working for giant companies for exactly the reason I’m likely to have little to 0 influence in company policy\behavior when there’s a work condition that I don’t care for.

there is Customer Service, works when it works, and other times it seems like they don’t hear. People report things that are obviously scammy, and what happens happens. IDK if it works or not.

I do understand how upsetting it would be to lose a large chunk of my income for any reason. I sympathize with that, but what can we do but work with what fiverr offers, look outside of fiverr for income, or some combination of the two?

ps: I don’t think level badge has any influence on the algorithm.

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I’m not going to comment on the issue of fakes or paid reviews or multiple accounts here because it’s not really on topic for this thread. I read this topic as the OP posted it. In particular this:

In this thread, the emphasis seems to be on how level affects one’s ability to survive, make money, move up in the first place, move back up after a demotion and so on. To do those things you don’t need all of these, but they are relevant:

  • Buyer Requests (should normally be a fraction of sales just to get things rolling in slow times)
  • Clients brought in from outside
  • New buyers recruited through outside promotions
  • Search rank from filters (matters if buyers just look at the page and use filters)
  • Search rank from keywords/tags (doesn’t matter if you are top or bottom as long as you pop up with the right keywords)

Sellers have a lot of influence on some of those. In fact, they have a lot of influence on all of them except frequency of BR and search rank from filters.


That was exactly my first impression but to my surprise I found out that for me they are not available as I’m currently a “no level” seller, so I have no buyer requests available and again this diminished the chances of going up again as no new sales are coming!

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it’s not business strategy beacuse it’s not allowed. It’s cheating only.

Actually it’s not about being clean or not, it’s about fiverr don’t giving a sh** if the dirty ones are being promoted instead the good ones.

being conniving with such behavior is the same as doing the same dirty “strategies”.


it’s not about being new or not. It’s just about business.

Like I said, it’s just about doing more profits. But promoting your “hiPhones” instead you “iPhones” for the same price, for me it’s non sene.

I agree with you, The level system mentioned before was just a example about their changes.

Of course it would be good to just arrive fiverr and “get” all the clients of an experienced veteran seller, but this way nobody can build a long term relationship as seller with fiverr.

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well, ehm yea, but let’s disguise the term with business strategy. :eyes:

I believe not all big companies could solved this things. what we can do as members just do the best. Good luck and don’t forget to pray :pray:

sure sure. I may not expressed my self as I should. It was just to exemplify that better placement (almost the same as better in site traffics), which impacts where you appear in search.

So to keep in the same line and OP:

Actually buyers do care about where your gig shows in search. After the last changes, my revenue dropped about 40% compared with previous month… Other time, in past, when similar change happened, I lost about 30% revenues compared with previous month. So, yes, it matters, because being found first at search/ranking you have better chances to get an order from a new buyer. Every single time fiverr changed the ranking where my gig dropped places, my revenues were affected, so I believe I can confirm that placement affect sales.

Actually they could solve by chancing to a meritocracy based ranking. I’m not saying it will finish with bad behavior sellers, but it would help for sure.

In fiverr gold ages, it was a lot more difficult to spot sellers cheating. It wasn’t impossible to happen but a way more difficult.

But returning to OP, I don’t believe fiverr Level system affect sellers orders, but it affect fiverr revenues by limiting sellers to do more profits (like having more gigs, more extras, etc).

I like the new level system, but I don’t like how it works. for example a seller who have 100% completion rate, 100% delivered on time, 89% order completion and 5.0 stars will get demoted, while a seller with 90% in every aspects will get promoted. It’s a kind of a “lazy way” system to decide who get promoted and who will get demoted.

I don’t know how it can affect sales, because I still didn’t lost my levels. I believe it could impact a little negatively but not that much.

I think soon or later they will solved it. There has been an improvement in the buyer requests of sector, where previously seen many sellers spam in the buyer requests of sector and now no longer exists. It’s just they forget to put back the buyers in the buyer requests of sector. lol.

ps : never stop for hopping the best. :tada:

Normally there are some buyer requests available to level 0 sellers, they are just limited. If your category is narrow, that might just limit you too much. In that case, I would just have to say that the other things on the list would be more helpful. I do understand if it makes you decide to leave Fiverr, but since Fiverr doesn’t cost anything, if it were me I would just check messages and work on your other income streams.

You are almost bound to get an occasional order if you were doing well before and it might take some time, but eventually, you are likely to level back up. Since some of your stats will improve over 60-90 days on their own, there is no reason you couldn’t keep Fiverr as just one income stream. Who knows what else will happen in the future since the level changes are recent and may not be permanent.

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Without getting too far into this, I disagree that ToS violations are just tricks or are in any way business strategies. They are absolutely unethical and sellers who use them should be banned when caught. I think that does happen in time, too, they just aren’t all caught right away. (Further discussion on this might be best for another thread - anyone can feel free to create a thread about cheaters and link to it for more talk on that.)


I understand this is your experience and you can confirm it for yourself. There are other sellers who have said that ranking changes have not affected their income or sales, though I can’t say what other points from my list they might have been using. Whatever the case, some people have a different experience from yours.

I didn’t say that Tos violations are just tricks or are in any way business strategies.


I’m talking about this (the red lines).

ps : I like your cat.

The post I was referring to is this one:

Xuntes referred to ToS violations like bought reviews, multiple accounts, etc. You responded saying:

“I do more like to call it business strategy.”

I may have misunderstood you and if so, we can leave it at that. No concerns.

Thanks for the comment about my cat! :cat: Her name is Jade and she is my freelancing muse!


Yes, you are misunderstood and I forgive you for that :sunglasses::+1:.
Helloooo Jadeeeeeeee!!! come to me Jade, just come come to me :leopard: :tiger2:

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I just wanted to re-visit this discussion, because the idea won’t seem to get out of my mind.

to re-iterate my point, but put it in another way:

I wouldn’t be surprised if fiverr designed their algorithm to be more favorable to top quality sellers who bring in new clients from their own promotional efforts, not relying on fiverr search alone.

Consider they may wish to promote sellers who bring in clients, and that could be their number one priority over promoting the best sellers. What if there is a seller who doesn’t do as good of a job as people we think should be at the top of search, but brings in lots of clients by promoting their gig off-site?

That is just an example of reasoning I can imagine behind promoting newer sellers, and expecting the best and most experienced sellers, after fiverr has already given you a lot of work and experience (experience which may have helped some become top quality seller), to bring in some outside traffic.

Mine have also dropped a lot although I don’t have an exact figure, but it certainly had a negative effect on me.

That was exactly what happened when I was first demoted, but the risk with that is that with fewer orders, any simple mistake has a dramatic effect.

I once had a client who was very happy by my delivery and when trying to rate it on mobile, he clicked on a 2-star by mistake and then didn’t know how to fix it and we kept going back and forth with support who acted in a very bad way and never helped until it was too late and the review became permanent and of course, led to another level demotion!

Yes, but there is the small fact that bringing clients to Fiverr is no longer in anyone’s interest.

As a freelancer, I can not risk my relationship with a client who I work with off-Fiverr by saying: "Hey, come and order from me from Fiverr for $2 more than you would pay usually, coupled with some severe future communication limitations."

No one does this, not even Pro sellers.

Paying for targeted FB ads and the like is different. However, if you are a successful seller, it does not make sense to start paying to promote your Fiverr gigs because Fiverr has decided that they want to promote other sellers over you.

Your theory is likely correct. However, if Fiverr’s goal is to entice more sellers to bring their clients to Fiverr, their MO is flawed to say the least.


Fiverr has an incredibly low barrier to entry, it’s a very competitive market. They probably feel as though they have an abundance of people who want to sell services here, most of whom aren’t getting as much business as they’d like.

I’m not a fiverr advocate… but I will continue to bring clients here if it means that my gigs will remain relevant. I rather enjoy not having to manage payment for myself. In another year I’ll probably learn some other way to earn money online, or sooner if fiverr changes something that makes it hard for me to earn an income here.

Fiver is a tool, not a life plan. Not saying you view it that way, but plenty of people get so upset that fiverr doesn’t work for them the way it used to; meanwhile, many other online platforms have gone through the same cycle: Tiny -> Awesome -> Too Big -> Downfall. To be honest, it’s not only internet platforms that go through this cycle, but almost every single organization that i can think of. Surviving the success cycle is the exception, not the expected.

Can Fiverr survive being so big? only time will tell.

As soon as there is a decentralized alternative with a competitive UX — the masses will get on board

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