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Why I didn't get any order

I have joined to 9 days…ago…I started one gig…and…no orders…how do I get orders…?

Reply to @premiphotos: That’s not what I meant, I simply meant that you need patience, great patience. I’m a level 2 seller and still struggling to get orders. Nothing comes easy on fiverr. Like Joethorn said sort out your gig description. I don’t think that fiverr doesn’t have many photoshop work buyers, but I guess there are just many photoshop work Sellers. It’s competition, and higher level sellers attract more buyers than newbies. Your gigs need to look more interesting and professional to gain buyers and again it takes patience. Even those TRS didn’t get it easy, they worked hard.

You should have to wait for orders. you have to Promote your Gigs in fiverr and outside the fiverr…

then you will surely get Orders. I am also promoting my Gigs

You really need to promote your gig to have sales.

Even after promoting, just two gigs yet and been here for more than a year :frowning:

Reply to @sdglhm:

Persistence pays off. Keep promoting your gigs (and promote them off of Fiverr where potential buyers might be), and make sure you have a gig that people might want to purchase. Think like a buyer. Think: “is this something I need?” Then craft your gig toward the needs of the buyer.

Posting a gig for something you think is cool, won’t be successful or profitable unless you know there are other people looking for the same service. If no one is looking for your service because it is too unique, or doesn’t fill the need of buyers, then you aren’t likely to have many people purchasing your gig.

Think like a businessman. Create a great gig/service that fills some sort of need that buyers need to have filled. The only products/gigs that sell are the products/gigs that people are looking for. Think of a marketable talent that you have, and that other people are looking for… and make THAT into your gig/service.

It takes patience to be a seller on Fiverr. I got my 1st order after 2 weeks joining Fiverr, it depends on what you offer really. Even after getting your first order or even level 1 seller badge your patience will continue being tested as there will be ‘no sales’ moments. My sales have been dried up for almost a month now seriously but I just keep going.

Sort out your Gig description. It’s a mess. I didn’t even bother reading it to analyze it. Goodness only knows what your customers must do.

You don’t need to put everything in bold and in the biggest font necessary. Make it smooth looking and attractive to read. Other than that, your work seems good.

Reply to @tylady:

Do you mean I have to wait a see?

After level 2 I will get more sales? Is it confirm?

I think fiverr doesnt have much Photoshop and photography buyers.