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Why I didn't get promoted to level two?

Hi everyone.

I am working on fiverr since two months. After one month, I was promoted to level one because I accomplished all requirements to get to level one. I was hoping that after one more month I will get to level two. But now it has been more than two months, I didn’t get promoted. I have completed more than 150 orders in just two months, that too with 5 star ratings.

Few days back, I got a message that I have been promoted to level one but I was already promoted one month ago. Is this the cause why I am not being promoted to level two yet?



It’s a mistake. Just file a report with customer support; they can fix that. (Did you do a forum search? Because if you had, you’d have found that this question has been asked and answered before).

Seems like a bug, Try contacting the Fiverr Customer Support as @celticmoon. You’ll be immediately resolved with your problem.

Hi, you probably should contact support and they will look into it for you. Good luck hitting your next milestone mate

Please Contact with Customer support. Hope your problem will be solved. Thank you.