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Why I didnt got any orders?


I’ve been on Fiverr for alittle more than week now, but i didnt got any orders. I have 213 impressions, 40 Clicks and 45 Views, am i doing anything wrong?

I’ve read lots of threads with tips for sellers, and i’ve optimized my gig and profile.

Gig :





You’re getting the clicks and views! It’s just a matter of time!


Thank you for your reply <3 really appropriate that…
what do you think about my gigs ? is there any wrong on there ? kindly tell me please

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There is one big point… your English is good… but it isn’t perfect.

You gig description at the moment is…

looking for a amazing earth zoom effect?

I will create earth zoom any location you want !

you can use it for your
1 projects
2 presentations
3 film/Music video
4 company intro
5 game intros
6 Marketing campaigns
7 promo sales
8 special events
9 website,Business and more…

i need:

location details, that you want to create the zoom

Any name or logo want to include
-in png or any transparent format for best output-

Price is negotiable, just message me I will create a custom offer for you :slight_smile:
Have any questions, feel free to message me.
For more Gigs

So,oder now!

Thank you :slight_smile:

I’ve rewritten it for you to sound more English

Are you looking for an amazing earth zoom effect?

I will create an earth zoom of any location you want!

This is ideal for
Music videos
Company intros
Game intros
Marketing campaigns
Promo sales
Special events
Website, Business and more…

Just tell me

The location that you want zoom too

Any name or logo you want to include
-For the highest quality please provide your logo in .png or any other transparent format

The price is negotiable, just message me and I’ll create a custom offer for you :slight_smile:
If you have any questions please feel free to message me.
Check out my other gigs

Order now!

Thank you :slight_smile:


@graphichub21 Everyday sent buyer request. Always active your account quick response buyer message and share your gig social media.

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Google+
  4. Linkedin
  5. Tumblr
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Thank you very much sir . i I will re-edit all descriptions of my gigs :grinning:
Thanks again for you separate time for me and your valuable advises :blush: :blush:

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Thank you :grinning:

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@graphichub21 Thank you too:+1:

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Hi, @nametwine
I also a new seller on Fiverr, I just noticed here that you told about the gig clicks and views.

I earned 8 impressions, 19 clicks and 105 views on my gig for last 3 days.

Now I just want to know how much clicks and views I need to get top rank for my gig?
Is there the gig favorite is matter too.

I am looking for your reply.


You need traffic on your gigs.

Targeted traffic only comes.
Sat people want something.
And search on google and some social media.

Please think


What you think , Which social media is bet for gather a lots of traffic on my gig.

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Take advantage of “buyer requests” section!


Looking at those stats it looks like your main source of traffic isn’t through fiverr searches but what we call “social views” these are links that you have sent out. While this is good, it’s not the best way to get attention. Have a look at your gig title… is it relevant? What have other top sellers in your field put? Make sure you have some good keywords on your gig. Again look to the top sellers for inspiration… send me a link to your gig and I’ll tell you how you can improve it.


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@paritoshcpo Always shear your gig…day by day it’s good rank. You will try many time sell your gig then it’s rich good rank. always sent 10 buyer request and quick response.

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You can use twitter and facebook groubs.

And can build a personal blog to promote your services

I agree with the pa you are saying