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Why I do not get a customer?while I am a professional

Hello community. I wonder how I could have clients on fiverr ?? please help me! I’m a professional.I can not get a job.

please help me. Because I’ve tried everything


That’s because you’re new, just like me. You will need to promote yourself very well and customers will find you, purchase your services and hopefully be satisfied. If they are satisfied, you’ll be rated well and more and more customers will find you trustworthy and will purchase your services.

I agree with you. I just want to know the techniques to use for get many customers

I think it might help a lot if you improved the writing for your gigs and profiles, and maybe put up a video. Good luck!

gemma_g is absolutely right! Most people have to wait awhile before orders start coming in. I received ZERO orders in my first month but one month later I had received so many orders that I made level 2. It only took one person to love my work and leave a good review and everyone else started purchasing from me too.

Having said that, I have always enjoyed English. I like editing and proofreading so naturally I made sure my gig description was well written and contained no mistakes. Even with a very well written gig I had to wait a month for a sale. As mentioned by gemma_g, your gig descriptions need alot of work. The grammar and sentence structures are littered with errors. It may not seem like a big deal to you, but remember there are thousands of sellers and hundreds that do the same or similar work. Many don’t have the errors in their descriptions that you have. From a buyers prospective, what makes you better than the other sellers? If your grammatical errors are the only thing that makes you stand out, that’s bad. If you can make your gigs stand out in a good way, that’s best but at least make your gigs as good as those around you. Think of your gig description as the outside of a store. If you have a freshly painted store front with nice landscaping and appealing signage customers will want to go inside. On the other hand if you have a bunch of graffiti, broken glass in the windows and a drunk guy sleeping in front of your door, it won’t matter what amazing things you have inside your store because customers will never step inside and see it.

Find a way to better present yourself, possibly ask someone who has a good knowledge of the English language to assist you in rewriting your descriptions. It’s frustrating when your new but as long as you make sure you present yourself well and offer great quality, it will pay off eventually! Good luck to you!