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Why i do not getting order on my gig


Hi fiverr.
i want help;
i think world can not reach on my fiverr gig.
my gig impression , views and clicks or not going to up.
please give me any idea.
my gig link is here
fiverr gig


If “the world cannot reach your Fiverr gig”, then maybe you need to get out into the world and tell them about it. We call that marketing. Every business has to do this in order to obtain customers. Your gigs are no different.


Think you may need to reduce your prices until you move up the levels. Have a look at other sellers in your category to get some idea of pricing.


You’re asking why you don’t get orders?

  1. You didn’t create your logos (at least not all of them, I didn’t bother to check every logo)
  2. You didn’t write your gig description (not even a single line)
  3. You didn’t even write your profile info

Is that enough?
Now you’re spamming this forum and asking us why. What kind of answer did you expect?
Sellers like you give this platform a bad reputation :disappointed:


i do all these thing that you ask me dear.


for that,
may me should social share your gigs,in every day.
it may be on of the good way.thankyou


This is your 4th post i can see on forum.Nobody can give you order.
You didnt pass even a month on fiverr. . You must have patience. the only suggestion never miss to apply on buyer request.


When you send buyer request, must be give him your portfolio link.