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Why I do not have skills test on my profile?

Hi. why skill test not appear on my profile and my gig is saved as draft.Where I can get the link for the test and how long it takes?


so that means that i dont have to take the test?but if so why i still cant publish gig?it should be easier to publish it…thanks in advance

Try looking for a test that is relevant to your gig. When you click “take a test” on your profile, you’ll get a list of “recommended tests” that may help …


That is what i have issue with right now…i do not have that “take the test” click on my profile.Anyone who have the same problem?what should i do?Thanks in advance


The take a test thing is below the description on your profile - under “languages”

thank you for helping …but i really do not have that on my profile:(

In that case it’s a bug. You’ll need to contact CS about it. They may take several days to respond, so be patient …


These people can"t even update their users of changes but when it comes to marketing they fill up your email. Fiverr does not value the interest of the sellers, only buyers SMH… either way the real professionals aren’t even on here. So my advice is to market yourself in the real world as there are tools and software for every skill possible, which you can PURCHASE AND OWN without having to pay commissions to Fiverr and its Sketchy Management. Oh and your all your modes of communication will be accepted.