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Why I do not have skills test on my profile?

Hi. why skill test not appear on my profile and my gig is saved as draft.Where I can get the link for the test and how long it takes?


so that means that i dont have to take the test?but if so why i still cant publish gig?it should be easier to publish it…thanks in advance

Try looking for a test that is relevant to your gig. When you click “take a test” on your profile, you’ll get a list of “recommended tests” that may help …


That is what i have issue with right now…i do not have that “take the test” click on my profile.Anyone who have the same problem?what should i do?Thanks in advance

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The take a test thing is below the description on your profile - under “languages”

thank you for helping …but i really do not have that on my profile:(

In that case it’s a bug. You’ll need to contact CS about it. They may take several days to respond, so be patient …