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Why i don\'t get any order

i have joined to fiverr about 1 month ago. Daily i upload new GIG… but i can’t receive any order. why?

Uploading gigs is not going instantly bring you sales. You need to market and promote those gigs to the people who are looking for your services, and you need to keep working on improving the details, images, text, etc of your gigs to make them more appealing to potential buyers.

Fiverr sellers are not guaranteed sales just because they have gigs. You need to take responsibility for your own success, and build it through hard work.

Your response time is more than half a day. This is a big sign that you aren’t to be taken seriously if someone is inquiring about your services, and have to wait a fairly large amount of time for a response.

If you are not getting order… write perfect description for your gigs.

Do people really pay attention to that, though? I usually have buyers that seem to order simply based on the title of my gig(Some of which I can tell read nothing beyond my gig title.). I haven’t really had anyone tell me they didn’t want to order from me because it took me a few days to get back to them, and I think it’s kind of a bugged response time as it is. Sometimes it says I respond really quick, really late, or sometimes not at all. Hopefully they fix it just a little bit, at least!

I would say to utilize some of your previous clients as you say in your profile to help establish trust by bringing them into Fiverr and giving them great pricing and go from there, utilize the same marketing skills you used to gain those over 1000+ logos you sold previously on to Fiverr. Best of luck!

I truly believe so. A quick response always makes a potential client happy. With a lengthy response time, potential buyers typically won’t contact the person at all. It’s always wise to response quickly whenever it’s feasible. We all have lives outside of here lol.

Perhaps. I guess i’ll try to be more timely in my responses. I usually just end up staying up late just so I can be the first person to send out a request to someone in Buyer Requests and do usually try to respond fast in general. I guess with a labeled response time of two hours for me it doesn’t really scare too many people off.

You have to build your account by making sure you check and send message to people who place request on “buyers request section”. Most times they reply, when they do you can then strike a deal.

Hi designcreation9,

First off, I would suggest hiring someone to proofread and edit your profile and gig profile. I know that you’re not selling a writing service, but you still want to come off professional to your buyers.