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Why I don`t get any views on my Page or Gigs

I have created my Profile just 10 hours a go but I am very strong in social media marketing and after creating my Profile I spent 6 hours in my Profiles promotion shared it in almost 100 Groups which contains at least 50k members each. I also texted my Profile list to my 3397 FB friends list, used twitter and much more,<br /> After that amount of work I am still having 0 views on my Gigs.<br /> Can any of you please guide me whats the issue.

Thanks in advance.

I have noticed that clicks and views are updated once or twice a day, so give it some time. You will probably be able to see the results tomorrow.

just wait for some time you will see impressions, clicks and views soon because they are updated after every 24 hours. All the Best…

it usually takes up to 24 hours before you see any results. welcome to fiverr by the way. don’t waste time and start working on your GIGs, sales will start rolling in.


Yes, the stats only update once a day. Take your time.

By the way, views don’t always convert to sales. Check out so many tips here in the forum before you complain about having no sales in the future. Most new sellers start slow.

Besides, some of your services are against third parties’ TOS, so they may not be the editorial focus of Fiverr, which means they may not show in search results.