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Why i donot find order

i am a new fivver seller …why i am not find order

I replied to your other post but might as well do it here too.

You are not getting sales because you are not being honest with who you are.
Buyers see through lies quite quickly.


In addition to that: maybe I’m just really ignorant about keyword research, but you seem to have two of the same gig. Also, neither of them are formatted properly.

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plz tell what can i do

You can work hard, you can be honest, you can market and promote your gigs, you can research your target customers, you can research your competition, you can improve your gigs, you can make eye-catching gig images… there is plenty that you can do. But YOU will have to do it. We will not make you successful. YOU do that on your own.

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thank you very much sir

sir how can i promot my gig marketing

Go to dashboard >> under selling check “Promote Yourself”:sweat_smile:

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how can i promote my self plz sir explain me

Figure out who your target customers are, then do some research to determine where those customers (the people who need your services) are located. Then, go to where those customers are located, and tell them about your services. The creativity in marketing is how YOU choose to share the news of your gigs to those target customers.

Unfortunately, it is not my job to provide you with a step-by-step manual on how to promote your gig. If you are serious about being a successful businessman, you’ll take the time to figure out how you wish to tell your target customers about what you do. Hard work is required… but YOU are going to have to do that hard work.


thank you sir for give me information

Jonbass and other people have given you enough information on how to be successful.
Simply begging for help without trying everything first is not the right way to go.
Please do not message me through the inbox again.