Why i donot get any buyer request


what is the reason ?


Yes i have same problem -_-


Same Problam i Also not able to see any Buyer Request :frowning:



I get on average 50% of the buyer requests I make offers on. This is what I do…

  1. Always tell them why I am the right person for the job AND show an interest in their job
  2. Ask questions about the job, to prove I am interested
  3. Quote fairly, if they want a job doing, quote exactly what I want them to pay me (I think you gain respect this way)
  4. Talk about similar gigs I have recently done
  5. Ask them to check out my feedback
  6. Be polite, and use good spelling and grammar
  7. Make sure it’s a gig you are experienced in, and if you are looking to build your profile and get experience, tell them this, and offer them a better price for their budget.

Also… Never send unsolicited offers direct to their inbox, I get these, and I find them rude.

Not saying this works for everyone, but I’m currently doing quite well from it.


how to open buyers Request ???


On the top of your profile, click on selling there will open a menu, there you will see buyer request click on it.


Check this it will helpful;