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Why i don't find my gig any where?

My gig was rank for few days and i getting many order in that days but after 2 week I don’t see my gig any where in my tag search. I have no cancellation and not a bad experience. But why i don’t find my gig in my tag search.
Please help me. Thanks

Check your gig status here:


Weird. Not sure if that link is working as intended. My gigs show up as “denied” but they’re active and show up in the search. I’d contact CS about it.


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You need to remove the above (copied) from your gig description as that is against the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Your gigs are active and can be purchased.


Did you change the gig title? This is a big problem for the gig rank. do not copy gig description.

Using a consistent keyword in your Gig title, description and tags will help improve your search ranking on Fiverr. Additionally, creating a username with a phrase or word related to your area of expertise will reinforce your Gig to a potential buyer. Use the repetition of keywords to your advantage.
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@ I notice that gigs take a little time to appear.

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Thanks you so much. I check it and it says ok. But i didn’t find it.

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after that it worked??

Contact customer support. Hope they will appear it on the search page again