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Why I don't get any buyer requests?

Hello, Why I don’t get any buyer requests? Please send me tips on what I can do.


same, I am also not getting any.

Same here… I’m sending 10 buyer requests every day but still didn’t get any positive sign… Can somebody please help me to find out what’s wrong in my account

Hi there! I see you’re new to the Forum, welcome!

There’s a few reasons to explain why you’re not receiving very many BRs.

  1. Firstly, you’re a New Seller. There’s so many New Sellers who are constantly leaving offers in hopes of getting orders. After a buyer request reaches a certain number of offers, it’ll no longer be available to New Sellers. This brings me to reason #2.

  2. You’re not responding to BRs fast enough. With the increase in sellers lately, the buyer requests are closing faster because of how many offers are being left. As I said before, once it gets a certain number of offers from New Sellers, it’ll only be available to higher level sellers. That being said, don’t try staying online 24/7 to respond to BRs!

  3. Your gigs are not in a category with lots of buyers. If not very many buyers are looking for the service that you offer, you won’t receive as many buyer requests. For example, the logo design category always has tons of buyer requests, whereas the surveys category only has a few.

I hope this helps! Thanks!

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You are likely not missing much…

I agree with @enunciator

Buyer requests is something that I have never checked or responded. You look at that section, and you get this feeling that the whole system (of buyer requests) is kind of half baked. It does not gel with the rest of the Fiverr system.

I am sure some people are making money from it, but I myself, have never been motivated to use that feature. It’s like that button on your TV that you never press, and now, 10 years later, I really dont know what that button does :slight_smile: and life is going on just fine.

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