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Why i dont get any job whats the main issue can you please check my gig and give me any suggest?

I lose hope day by day its make me disappointed I m a level 2 seller in fiver but i didn’t get any job here is my gig link-


Be patience my friend.
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please pray for me i didn’t get job last 9 month

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I took a quick peek at your gig and the first thing I noticed:

I think you mean to say Silver.

Also, I’m surprised to see a Level 2 seller with


thank you thank you so much i what should i do i didnt get any job thats why i wrote this

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I’ll be honest… that’s a pretty abrupt gap - absolutely no orders for 9 months? You were clearly doing well before, too… I personally don’t like ‘we believe customer is king’ (I just don’t think that’s true… or a good way to look at business. You are an artist (or at least someone who has a good enough eye for flyers.) You’re not just some peasant while your customer is someone above you.

The other thing is… You see SO many of these gigs all over Fiverr. The 24-hour turnaround for me suggests that you might not put THAT much effort into it (because I! personally think designing something from scratch takes much longer - but I’m just a writer so might be wrong.) If you are selling your ORIGINAL work (not templates, not things you get off the internet for free) then 5 bucks for it is way too cheap, too. But I’m not in the same industry so I wouldn’t know (however, I don’t think I’d personally order from someone who is too quick (even if they have good reviews.)


Well, a business flyer service might be negatively impacted over the past nine months by a teeny tiny little event known as the COVID-19 global pandemic. Just a stab in the dark.

Oh, also noticed this as well for your tag line.

To be grammatically correct, it would be, “We believe the customer is king!” but such language places a freelancer in a subservient position, which is not desirable.


so why don you suggest me any tagline ca you please suggest me a proper tagline

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I’m not here to design your gig and profile. I think I’ve been at least slightly helpful in pointing out some things that require modification.

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no just suggest me a tagline whats is good for my profile

These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will design business flyer within 24 hours
In the gig description:
It says “unlimited revisions” but no package has the number of revisions set to unlimited.

The basic and standard packages say “unlimited revisions” but their no. of revisions aren’t set to unlimited
Resolution is spelt wrong in the package descriptions.

In the profile:
In the line of text under the user name: Maybe change “belive”

In the profile desc. it says “I am available to give service 24/7.” but the average response time is 6 hours. Maybe remove the 24/7 line. Shortening response time might help.

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