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Why i don't get any order from Fiverr!

Hi, my Friends,
I opened my account on Fiverr but I don’t get any order!
why I don’t get any order, anyone can explain to me by seeing my gig>
this is my gig link:

Advance Thank You FriendFiverr Account

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Your gig and gig description is best I had checked it.
I recommend you few change.

1 Please upload your photo with smiling face. That will have good impression on customer.
2 In gig description Start with your introduction actually who you are and why people choose you.
3 Also Use Keywords in your gig

Don’t loose hope try to promote you gig on different platform
like Facebook , LinkedIn , Google+ etc
Try to send Buyer request daily

And be patient you will get orders very Soon.
As you are a new seller, In web development customer need professionals so when you have few reviews you’ll receive good number of orders. Try to get orders by Buyer request in start.

Good Luck


Don’t loos hope…I waited 03 months for the first order. :slightly_smiling_face:


i start getting orders after 1 year so be patient.


Really ! You wait 3 months for the first order

Yes…Be patient. Fine tune your gig.

thanks but which way to best for Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ promote ?
again thank you

thank you so much my friend

thank you so my friend

thank you so, my friend. many many thanks

thank you sooooooooooo my friend. again thanks