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Why I don't get any orders?

Hi there,
I’m Nur, a new member of Fiverr. I createe 4 Gigs but none of my gigs is not ranked in 1st page even I don’t get any rising talent badge yet. Why this happening with me? Why I don’t get regular orders?


You’ve earned 11 reviews in one month. You delivered an order three hours ago. You’re doing well!

I createe 4 Gigs but none of my gigs is not ranked in 1st page even I don’t get any rising talent badge yet.

The rising talent badge and first page ranking are both really hard to get.

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Thanks for your reply & what are the characteristics to get the rising talent badge?

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You’re welcome. I don’t want you feeling disappointed with your performance. You’ve started better than most people I’ve seen on Fiverr!

I don’t think the criteria for the Rising Talent badge has been shared, so I can’t give you a definite answer to your question.

You can read more about the badge here:

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Thanks for your helpful answers.

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There are only 48 spots for the first page, while have thousands of gigs to be displayed there. why you think your gig should be there if you just arrived?
Also the ranking is based on gigs performance. New sellers have A LOT to show to deserve to be on first page.

This is fiverr team who decide if you deserve this. There is no way to manipulate this.

Because buyers don’t want to buy from you or because they can’t find your gig, simple like this. If you want regular orders (like every single seller at fiverr) you MUST promote your services, so your potential buyers can find you.

Sitting and waiting will get you nowhere.

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Yes,this is apply for every one,if he/she wanna do a business in world famous freelance marketplece…

My daily gig views in average 70-99. What is it the standard numbers of viewing for getting orders regularly?

Could you please check my gigs again and let me know,where is the mistakes in my gigs?

there is no standard. If people is seeing your gig and they are not buying this, probably because it’s not attractive enough.

you can have 20 views and 20 orders, or 1000 views and 0 orders.

People should want to order from you, that’s all

You are selling your service on the most competitive online freelancing marketplace in the world. There are almost 90 thousand gigs in logo design. If you want to get noticed, you must do something for this, because the best and most competitive designers are here.

if you want to sell more than them, you must be better than them.

I’m sorry but I’m not a gig critic.

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How did you grow? I’m having trouble with mine. Did your orders pick up really quickly after your first order or did it still take a while?