Why i don't get order ?Is that any probelm in my user name?


Why i don’t get order from fiverr? What the main problem in my account please experts man tell about things :sob::sob::sob:


I visited your profile and you are new on Fiverr.

These days, its too hard to get orders because Fiverr is only promoting those who are earning a lot. I’m a level two seller who has completed 500+ orders with Five star ratings but since March, my gigs went down and I’m no longer getting orders.

Fiverr is no more helping the New and Level two sellers. They said once that level two seller receives more traffic than level one or new sellers but its all false.

Just keep patience and wait for what they do. :slight_smile:


I wants to know is that any problem in my user name? @philmoonamjid


I don’t think so. Username should not be the problem. The problem is that there are thousands of gigs in the same category you are working on. And its hard for a beginner to get orders quickly. Buyers look at reviews and previous work.


Thanks for your helpful information


Present yourself in the best possible manner, try to provide a service that is lacking (and most sought after), perfect your English and strive towards quality.

That should get you started.


The same problem also me.


Thanks @richardbloch