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Why I don't get order?

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you can send buyer request.

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You can make a video showing in detail the services included in your gig, and also promote it on social media.

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The main reason that you do not get orders is because you are using someone else’s information. You’ve blatantly copied other people’s information from their gigs.

I don’t know if you assume that buyers are dumb, and that’s why you copied gig info? TBH I am surprised that you got the orders that you have. I would recommend that you change your gig description ASAP. If it were for some reason to be reported, then it may result in your gig/ profile being shut down because you are breaking the TOS.

Why do you want to sell on Fiverr if you are just going to steal someone’s information?


I agree with you. Thanks

The gig title is the first red flag and I bet most buyers stop right there

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Try to understand the competition dear, Try to improve every part of your showcase. :wink:
Happy selling

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