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Why I don't get orders

It’s being 3 months now, that I started working in Fiverr. But still, I got only 1 order so far in my gig, and that also almost 2 months ago. I’m currently having 2.2k impressions and 19 clicks. I manage to make use of all my 10 offers for buyer requests almost every day since I created my gig. I would be grateful If someone can help and give me suggestions/advice to improve and be successful.
Thank you


Change your gig image to increase your clicks & orders.

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I did my best to create the gig image attractive. Could you please check it out and let me know if it’s not attractive.

Image background removal is one of the most over-saturated gig categories in all of Fiverr, thanks to so many new sellers listening to “Fiverr gurus” and “money making experts” who tell them that Fiver is easy money and offering such a service requires no skill or investment and results in effortless orders…


May be you can’t properly Keyword research, gig Desciption, Gig title or Gig image .
I recommed You again research you your gig info .

thank you
fr masum

It takes time and effort to build your Fiverr business.

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