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Why i don't get regular order?

Why i don’t get regular order ?


Because fiverr doesn’t guarantee regular orders

if you want regular orders, promote your services like any seller/company does


Thank you so much sir for this suggestion .

hi redoy, stay more time in fiverr and analyze more. Then you got order and when you got good feedback then you got order daily. Wish you all the best. :slightly_smiling_face:


Try to active online more time, it will help you to get more impression and increase the chance of getting more orders.


Thank you so much sir for the lovely suggestion.

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Ok Sir Thank you so much for your advice.

As an experienced seller, I don’t suggest doing these.

I suggest you to promote your services in social medias and other platforms.

Just staying active and wait for orders isn’t the way to be succeeded.

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Ok Sir i will Promote my services in social media . And really thanks for your advice .