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Why i don't have any order ? Please anyone instruction me

Hello Everybody.
I Am a professional GRAPHIC DESIGNER at 7+ years much experience about this sector, but i am new in this platform. So what can do or not to do i have a little knowledge.
So i will request to professional graphics designer to advice right instruction.
Best Regards


dana_ritz …thanks.

I’m not a graphic designer, but I could take a look at your gig to check for ways to improve impressions. There are a lot of sellers on here, so it’s often challenging to make sure buyers see your gigs even if you provide good service. (You can put your gig link in your forum profile.)

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its a great idea…! Thanks for your important comment and thanks again with us.

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No problem! As a tip, using SEO in your gigs, taking the skills assessments available on your profile, and responding to buyer requests that are a good fit will help.

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Ok… i will do this and more available in this platform.

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You can check this


thanks for your shearing.