Why I feel as a Mouse Lab with this fiverr algorithm tests?


your test are making our years in fiverr seem like a waist. So sorry to tell you this, but I have contribute for sample as Spanish translation project of fiverr. Know days no Spanish at all. All dead.
Then you have continue doing tests until I barely get 3 messages per months. Not to speak about selling.
Used to have about 60 clients per months asking for something.
So to whom this testes are run for? …Wall street?
If I need to promote myself so much, what fiverr does this days?..I guess owners have changed…and wall street have eat it
I need to promote my clients to see my fiver competition? what is the logic here?


Can you explain what you mean a little more clearly?

Also, how is this related to Wall Street? From what I remember, Fiverr isn’t an America-based company.


Maybe I am wrong but fiverr used to be very different, not constantly making changes and test, that dont help anyone. owners have changed, so thing are a mess. And my account shows it for 5 years now. Fiverr dont promote us at all. So why am i still here?


Things change, for better or worse. And since we don’t own Fiverr, it’s not really our call.

I mean, no one’s forcing you to stay. You don’t have to if you feel it’s going downhill. That’s up to you.


no one is forcing you to replay as well. Thank you! and good luck!


you are very new here…just wait and live it your self


That’s really not called for. :frowning_face:


You were asking for responses by posting in the forum. It’s a place for discussion :wink:

I’d recommend making a blog post if you want to complain without responses.

I’m guessing we come from different circumstances, though. Fiverr isn’t my day job, and I don’t really plan to let it be, so it doesn’t matter as much how well or badly it goes for me. Freelancing suits me well as a side-gig only :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck to you too!


I will take your advise! thank you! bests


It’s t e s t s. :neutral_face:


Remember Fiverr is in competition with other freelance platforms. They need to be able to retain the customers they have and continually attract more. For this reason, they have to keep upgrading and testing a lot of things. While we may have different opinions on the approaches they are taking, they need to know what works best for them.

As sellers, we need to try and adapt to these changes. For the first time since I started on Fiverr, I started applying for buyer requests from December because I needed to reach my monthly goals. Everything is changing and you need to find ways to improve yourself and your services to adapt to those changes. I have done alot of revamping and I have a more advanced process, response, quality and a better customer service.

Work on yourself, understand the way things work and find how to position yourself in the right way.

This is the way business works on and off Fiverr. You either become a Lab Mouse or the scientist. It is up to you!


:rofl::clap: I agree somaginer, You shouldnt count on fiverr to be your soul source of income


Eh, I’m guessing it works for some people, although I’m guessing most freelancers will also end up diversifying onto other platforms.

I’m a student so it doesn’t bother me that much, but I’m pretty sure I don’t want to freelance in the future. I can get pretty anxious and it’s not great to freak out when you’ve got a deadline ticking down :stuck_out_tongue: