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Why I gave someone with no reviews a chance


I’m not sure where this is happening. Fiverr doesn’t allow a seller to remove the negative comments/ratings unless the buyer was abusive or made a personal attack.

If a seller has enough ratings, they will have a few negative ratings. I’m not clear where we get to remove them.


@jonbaas I think you already have many orders that’s why you tell them ( “Yes, I can. Please take a look at my gig, and select the services that best fit your needs…”)
I could have said( Yes, I can. The price is $…) Well and good.:joy::joy::joy::joy:


But i belive, when you give healty money then you get also Healty OUTPUT>

Thank YOu


I couldn’t agree more! I hired a translator who was relatively new to Fiverr last week, and the experience completely exceeded my expectations.


New sellers ar worth trying out because some of them are even better than the level two sellers…i am a new seller and i haven’t recieved an order for weeks now but people are viewing my gig but they dont order. That is the problom with new sellers. You can check my gig to see what i offer


Some are and some are not.

In most cases, it’s not about how many reviews you have or if you’re a new seller or not. With logo designers the most important thing is the portfolio. If you compare yours with some of the top sellers then you’ll see the difference.


I tend to definitely go for new sellers because they aren’t saturated with orders and they will more than likely reply quicker because they want to generate reviews and sales which makes new sellers eager to do the work more efficiently!

I’m a seasoned buyer and new seller check me out!


I love the whole ‘believe in new sellers’ approach! We all start out somewhere and need that first person to take a chance on us :slight_smile:


New sellers can be the life-blood of Fiverr. Even though I’ve been around here a while, I still seek out new sellers, just to support them.

Kudos ‘fastcopywriter’! Yah done good!


Please don’t break forum rules by spamming your gig links in random topics. That can get yourself banned from forum.

If you want do promote your gig, you can do it here: My Fiverr Gigs


Thank you for all buyers who give new sellers a chance to produce qualified tasks for you.

We are always looking forward to work with you.


Good. Every successful gigs starts with no review before getting tens of hundreds of positive reviews.


It was really amazing when my first (silent) buyer buy my gig, I believed he deserves the best of me.
In our traditional marketing principle, 1st order (of the day) is the most important order.
So, thank you for the chance.


I agree. When I was new, I revised my gig description several times before publishing the gig. Sometimes people rush too much or think that buyers will not care about the quality because it’s ‘just’ Fiverr. Well, no wonder they earn little money with this attitude.


new sellers work with integrity and dedication because they are eager to get more orders once they complete 1st order with 5 star.


For New Seller, Outstanding profile, description and portfolio is the number 1 factor.


I think hiring newbies is a great practice :slight_smile: I wish there were more clients like you!


You’re right, new seller in fiverr doesn’t mean he don’t have skills, it’s just he don’t have ratings.

I am new seller and finding it too difficult to get my first client, even though I’ve good skills in my field.

Though sometimes buyers need to message seller so that they can confirm if seller have the quality, and I completely support it.


You are a wonderful person indeed. There is one thing about buyers often working with newbies, they inbox if you can do their job, you say yes…and then they are gone…they wont reply to you ever…atleast informing the person that the order is no more a decent way of going along…what are your views on this…


New sellers always try to get the job done the best and fastest. While the quality of work is equivalent to the old sellers