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Why I gave someone with no reviews a chance


And seasoned sellers aren’t?


I am a new seller but a real person. You believe in trust


I am also new seller . Please give me chance if possible :slight_smile:


You are right :slight_smile: I am also new seller .


Not necessarily. I just recently started selling and got my first order within 2 weeks and the buyer left a positive review. Not everyone finds success right away but the ones who keep working hard at it will find success on some level. Almost half of my buyers (9 total so far) left a review and they were positive. I strongly believe the reviews are important. There are a lot of buyers who base their purchasing decision on the reviews and ratings.


I’ve had buyers message me about an order they need, letting me know they’re interested. They ask if I can do a project for them and, when I say I can, I don’t hear back from them. If they decided to go with someone else with their project, it’s fine but it would be nice if they would AT LEAST let me know. I won’t be offended. I’ll just move on. They key in ANY business relationship is clear communication so it’s frustrating when it isn’t clear or when there’s no communication at all regarding their request.


You’ll get there! Just stay positive. When I don’t have orders, I work on my blog posts. I have up to four posts I’m working on to launch my blog. I hear that blogging is a great way to promote yourself. If you’re a logo designer, write an informative blog about logo design. Or if you’re a social media manager, write posts about the benefits of having a social media manager, etc. Good luck to you. :blush:


That’s great and am glad the seller gave you the best but for me i like my buyers contacting me first before ordering for so many reasons, for one we are on the same page and understand each other perfectly well.
A buyer once contacted me before ordering one of my gigs and one of the things he required was advertisement on social medias which is not in my gig description.


New seller need these practical example, most of the success stories I found is theoretical and seems unreal or too hard. Thank you for sharing this great insights. I am planning to open a blog, I am a UX Designer, so I’ll write on this subject, any tips from you to promote the blog? @lettersbyleslie


I’m actually working on that myself. I posted my second blog article yesterday but, if I have an idea related to letter writing, I add it to my list. So, I’m still working on promoting that. I use my Twitter account to promote my Fiverr and Wordpress since I have the most traffic there. I’m trying to build a following on Instagram and Pinterest. I have a study program from that I bought a couple of years ago to learn how to promote myself effectively. They have a lot of good tips. For Twitter, it’s suggested that you should only have 2 promotional posts for every 8 to 10 non-promotional posts and that 1 post every hour isn’t too much. I’ve also considered paying for a social media manager on Fiverr but I have to build up some revenue first.
I hope that helps. :blush:


I completely understand that. I’ve only had one buyer click on a Gig, and the rest have been custom orders which is fine, because I like the communication. Finding out what they need and letting them know what I can do for them. However, it’s the ones who give limited or no feedback that I can do without. I’ve had to politely decline a few orders because the customers took too long to answer my questions or didn’t answer at all. For example, I had one that asked me if I can help them and, when I asked them what they needed, I received no response. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask, if they don’t, initially, provide any information. I have a hard time with lack of communication, especially on Fiverr, since all communication between buyer and seller is in writing. Maybe you agree - it’s frustrating.


I got the same feeling too :)


I actually prefer to me messaged before someone orders, just to make sure that we understand everything, etc


Yes, Give us a chance :grinning:


A chance is all a new seller need to showcase what they have on in them


You are the kind of buyers I seek.


Great… We need more Buyers like YOU… :blush:


It motivates us “new sellers” to never give up when we see something like this :smiley:


Exactly :ok_hand: :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, Exactly… :slight_smile: