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Why I gave someone with no reviews a chance


I have a big portfolio in my bag for the designing jobs I did in and outside fiverr and I sell cheap that does not men I am not qualified to do the job.

Point badges does not mean the person is not qualified to do the job.


If you have done work outside of Fiverr then invite some of your old clients to Fiverr. Get some reviews and you’ll have the credibility on this platform as well.


I did and try to get some more as much as I can.

Even I prefer to work through Fiverr as It give e security for payment and things are easy to organise


Well said,
I have worked with so many buyers so far in fiverr. I think the buyers don’t look for experienced seller but do look for qualified workers who can provide quality work.


Really useful tips



Great post, Yes, a new seller is a fortune for right buyer who sees that.


That’s great you have him a chance! I often think that you have a pretty good chance with new buyers if they meet some criteria:

  1. Their descriptions are clear and concise
  2. The gig feels and looks professional
  3. The price isn’t too high, but offers quality service.

Plus, helping new sellers out is a great, great thing!


I am a new seller and I have two gigs that made top seller 4 times already. I recommend the following to others, that has helped me to achieve this:

  1. Look at competition and always update your gigs accordingly
  2. Write good descriptions and utilize bold, highlight and bulletin tools to help your description to look more eye catching
  3. Share your gigs on social media platforms.
  4. Try to preview your gigs so that you can see what others see. You may even find mistakes that way.
  5. Use videos. This will increase activity to your gigs by 40%
  6. Watch your stats. Your conversion is important. If it is going down then you need to fix something.

I hope that helped others. I am waiting a few more weeks to reach level 1 seller. So I think my gigs are doing pretty well so far.


Aww, thanks a lot for sharing useful stuff for the new comers!


If all buyers think as you
The new sellers will have a chance to show there excellence


Hello @fastcopywriter

You did something great .
Was his portfolio on a youtube channel or…


Do you know the most terrible thing about this promotion stuffs. When someone gets into Fiverr through your promotion link. Immediately the system will start to recommend your competitors. For new sellers. Many times buyers will come in through your promotion link and end up buying from your competitors .


No, his portfolio was on Fiverr like everyone else’s. In this case, it was his gig video that impressed me. If you do whiteboard or blackboard videos, your gig video should demonstrate your skills.


@fastcopywriter… the Seller definitely will remember you for long time.
Same like me… I still remember my first buyer name. It almost 7 years a go. It’s good experience to remember.


Well, I think that seller is no longer on Fiverr, but even if he was, most sellers don’t remember their first buyer, I’m surprised you do.

What was the order for?


My first buyer placed me another order just today. Now I’m at 3rd order.
I’m a newbie in Fiverr. My account is only 7days older. It’s really such a great feelings.
Thank you fiverr for this great platform. :heart_eyes:


My first buyer is an animation agent for television show. I just do simple prop animation at that time. That gig is my animation debut for TV show.

I motivated to do full time freelance because of his motivation.


I’ll remember my first buyer. Who left me an order without even messaging.
I also will remember my second buyer. He was the first person who contacted me first. And placed me a $50 order to a newbie.
For a bit late less than one hour he became my second buyer.
Both my first and second buyer will remain in my mind who put faith on me.


@ayesha570 Happy B’day… Have a good one. :balloon::tada: :chocolate_bar: :cake:

Congratulations on the sales, too!


Thank you so much @hanshuber16 :blush: