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Why I gave someone with no reviews a chance


Awesome post fastcopywriter! This will give new sellers a glimpse of hope!


that’s right! interesting words


That’s correct. But one problem occurs when giving chance to new sellers is buyers don’t know how good is a seller in their skills. (Maybe lack of few positive reviews) and this force to think buyers that, will seller complete their order proper or not?

But here one thing can really help☺️: that is completing gig description honestly, like showing buyer perfectly what can we do and don’t.

And with true belief: buyer will order newbie seller! And one more thing😉, having good knowledge of communication skills and selling skills will really help a lot☺️.


20$ for a whiteboard animation is actually less than fair price and I will tell you why.

If the seller is not using any premade templates then it will take days for him to make wb video if we consider the duration to be 1 minute.

I made my first 2d animation which was custom design and I had to arrange everything from .ai files to voiceover to animating to compositing and it took me four complete days to finish it to my liking.Guess what the buyer was pleased with it and accepted it without any revisions.I got five stars plus a tip.I DID it for 15$.It was the hardest four days I had worked,until the next project.

The point of telling this is that animation especially custom designs are genuine effort and can in no way be cheap unless the seller is a new to arrive on fiverr and that is the only reason I can think up.

We have pros on fiverr going as high as 5000$ for it ane we have TRS as well doing it for 30-50 $.Figure that out because it certainly puzzles me!


You the real MVP. I remember starting back on Fiverr and after almost 2 weeks someone gave me a chance. People like you are awesome


Thanks for choosing us as a new seller but i don’t have any service related you want :frowning: i am a WordPress Developer so Missed you :frowning: bad luck for me :thinking:


Thanks for the info… It will really help


That sounds really good! Nice to see new sellers starting out somewhere! :smiley:


Thank you for trying out a new seller.This is really inspiring.
I’m a new seller too in graphic design gig but I had my first order last week with a five star review from my client. The thing is that, that single experience really motivated and inspired me a lot.I could remember that I was very happy through out that day. Honestly, within my mind, I will always be grateful to him (my first buyer) for trying me out even though he doesn’t know this anyway.
It’s really great to give new comers a chance to prove their skills.


You’re welcome! By the way, I checked out your logo gig and I think your work is beautiful. My only suggestion is don’t offer unlimited revisions, one revision is fine, and change 1-day delivery to 2 or 3 days, then you can have a separate fee for 1-day delivery.


Thanks for the observation. I really do appreciates.
I’m however slightly scared that I won’t get an order again if I try that out since I’m just a beginner.
Best Regards…

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I wish every buyer think like you :grinning:


I wish all sellers would offer high quality service :slight_smile:

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New sellers always gave the best services or results in less budget.

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I disagree, but that’s OK. We don’t have to share the same view :slight_smile:


Yes …:slightly_smiling_face:


You raise a very good point.


Sorry for digging in such an old topic but… text is still fresh, isn’t it? :wink: I have some conclusion - everyone had to start, right? Everyone started from 0 reviews to 500+ and so on. So the beginning is hard but maybe, because of your move, someone became a top seller :wink:



Wow that’s great. most of the new sellers are experienced, its only that fiver doesn’t recognise their experience. being new on fiverr doesn’t mean being new on ones profession.

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I am also a new comer but still waiting for someone to assess my abilities and admire me for my work…