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Why i get 0 orders for my gigs?

It shows that i get impressions but no one is buying …

in 2015 i had account with fiverr i reached level 2 same services ,but had to move to more higher pay job … (spy100 was my account ,lost email for that one)

Now i made new account in march 2020 but 0 orders.What happened to fiverr ?

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Why would you post it in “report bug” category. It’s obviously not a bug, not everyone can attract buyers and now competition 100% higher than in 2015. (2013 actually according to your profile)

On top of that your old account is still active regardless of losing or not an email. So you have a big chance of getting this new account banned as you can have only one account at a tome.


I think, if there only impression and clicks but no one is buying then it should be improved the gig attached images and also it’s description .

not quite as that account is dead i have no longer access to the email of that account ,impossible for me to login there …

nothing to do with competition ,competition was high back then also … now they changed search algorithm or something like that…

it’s not about images …i suspect it’s something to do with search, impressions are not targeting the right people for gigs …google algo now is targeting local … possible something like that here.

Like for example impression show web design gigs to people that are looking for crafts ,and crafts to people that are looking for web design …

yeah, might be like that.

I bet not high as of now !
Lots of people joining fiverr nowadays because of pandemic so obviously more sellers even more than buyers I guess !

Many of us are getting regular orders and inquires, so that must be same for you but its not so there is something to do with your gigs, and yes


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And I will quote myself because I even specifically wrote that :point_down:

Yeah, of course, it’s always something or someone else’s fault :smirk:.
Fiverr is wrong, impressions are wrong, targeting wrong people or something. People are wrong and everything around.

Jokes aside, competition was definitely lower in 2013. What is more 200000 sellers or around a million sellers? Plus include pandemic where a lot of people lost their jobs and turned to fiverr. Did you check unemployment statistics only in the US itself? I’ll tell you, 36 million people. And even if only 10% of them decided to do freelancing it’s already a substantial amount of people. I’m not even talking about ASEAN countries.


Your gig are good , try to keep online more time and share social media and analyze more. Hope you get order soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just do the following and you will observe a great difference.

1: Stay online - at least 8 hours a day.
2: Complete the related tests to your skills.
3: Utilize the ‘Buyer Requests’ daily.
4: Target low-medium competition keywords in your gigs.
5: Share your gigs on Social Media Platforms - especially on LinkedIn.
6: Improve your bidding style.

Good Luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the specifics tips, I’ll try to apply all of them!!

  1. Stay Online more and more.
  2. share your gigs on social media.
  3. Send Buyer request daily.

I hope you get an order soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

Best Wishes

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Best of luck! Just be patient and dedicated.