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Why i get charge/fee's when buyer cancelled order?

This is really weird that fiverr charging me every time seller cancelled order, for the fact the seller didn’t get anything until gig order has been completed. Been happening this 5x or more, since then. Is that the policy here?


That is the amount that is being refunded to the buyer. You’re not actually losing the money - it is the $5 that the buyer used to make your purchase, but then was cancelled - thus being returned to the buyer.

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Nope, not that. I think you don’t get it right :smiley: I have $8 on my account, and now it’s only $4 cause of the deduction, I didn’t get anything at all to that buyer, not a single cent, why will I pay it back if in the first place i didn’t get anything at all, it’s my earning from previous order not for the cancelled order, it’s 2 different order which is not related to each other, I earned $8 from other buyer and they deduct me $4 for the cancelled order that I DIDN’T GET EVEN A SINGLE CENT. How it’ll be refunded if in the first place I didn’t get any single cent from it? The fiverr should refund it cause they get the money from the buyer but not me, so why me should pay? I TOTALLY LOOSE THE MONEY, I earned $8 from my other long time completed order, and they get straight my money. I loose it already, and this happened many times, so I DEFINITELY LOOS A LOT! I don’t need to return anything CAUSE AGAIN I DIDN’T GET ANY SINGLE CENT FROM THE CANCELLED ORDER. Seller will earn ONLY after the gig order is completed, but if NOT Seller won’t get any single cent… Hope the explanation make sense this time. You don’t understand my point :slight_smile: I LOOSE MY HARD EARN MONEY MANY MANY MANY TIMES because they’re just deducted it to my fund!


fiverr not charging you for canceling, when you get the order done, $4 was added , and now just because of cancel $4 minus, nothing else, you are not losing money,

simple calculation,
order done - you earn = $4
order cancel - you refund = $4

so you are not losing money

same as when you withdraw money

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OH NO, why it’s hard to understand? :slight_smile: nope it’s not that. AGAIN I DIDN’T GET ANYTHING FROM THE CANCELLED ORDER EVEN A SINGLE CENT. AGAIN, I DIDN’T GET ANYTHING AT ALL. Fiverr deduct the money from my other gig order. IT’s again from the other GIG ORDER but another client. IT’S NOT SIMPLE CALCULATION, again I don’t get anything, but there’s deduction, why it’s hard to understand? I AM DEFINITELY LOOSING THE MONEY CAUSE AGAIN I EARNED IT FROM ANOTHER CLIENT AND THEY DEDUCT THE CANCELLED ORDER, again I DIDN’T GET ANYTHING FROM THE CANCELLED ORDER, SO WHY WILL THEY DEDUCT IT FROM MY EARNINGS TO OTHER GIG? NO, definitely different. It’s 2 different order, 1 order is the one i get paid/complete which is $8 and deduct the cancelled order from it. Still confusing? I think you don’t get the point too. :slight_smile: but thank you, it’s not the one I need.


LOL it’s not that… Thank you for your calculations but you calculated it wrong :slight_smile:

I get 0 from cancelled order and
-$4 they deducted me that amount… GET it? still not clear?

Hope someone can get the situation… :slight_smile: Thank you though


so in that case, you can contact fiverr support, usually this kind of problems not happen to any account…

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Yup, I did, but they seemed not to understand it too. But still hoping for solution of the issue. Thank you

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Out of interest, why have you highlighted an order for $8 and an order for $4? What’s the relationship between those two entries?

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$8 is my available balance, and it’s for $4 now. I earned the $8 from other order and they deduct $4 for cancelled order which I didn’t get anything at all. It’s not out of interest it’s part of the issue, it’s 2 different orders, but they get the money from the order which is NOT related to the cancelled one… make sense?


That’s what I thought too, but it’s been happening since then, they deduct me the cancelled order, which again I didn’t get anything from it yet… NOPE, not that, I only get one order for that specific person who cancelled the order right away, I didn’t get again NOTHING for that person, all transaction I have are from again my completed orders to other buyer, I’ve been noticing it since then, even I didn’t get anything from the client, fiverr deducting my FUNDS from other orders.

LOL it’s not. hahaha Why would I contact them if I widrew the money? Again, I clearly understand how the payment describe on the earning page, BUT I KNOW HOW TO READ THE DEDUCTION TOO… If you can notice, i made the withdrawal first, which again the the earning will reflect after 14days IT SO IMPOSSIBLE THAT I CAN GET THE EARNING EARLIER EVEN IF IT’S NOT COMPLETED THE TASK YET? That is really impossible.
I AM SURE OF THAT THAT THIS HAPPENED A LOT OF TIME, customer cancelled (CANCELLED WITHOUT COMPLETING THE TASK, meaning I DIDN’T GET ANYTHING FROM THAT ORDER) but they still deduct and charged me!! it happened to me ALWAYS!

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On what date was the refunded order created?

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Nov. 14

But there’s NO completed task initiated so it should be refunded by fiverr people NOT on from my fund. I didn’t get any $$ even a single cents! they always deducted on my account, it happened LOT of times already and I think this is really too much! i’ve contacted them and still not resolve

So the order was submitted on the 14th of November, and then it was cancelled on the same day? And you started the day with $8 in your account, but ended it with $4 because of the cancellation?

Yes, it’s originally Nov.1 but buyer said he’s so busy that been requesting to add more time for the requirements. until I processed a week, and on the 14th they totally cancelled it. That’s all, nothing really happened, I didn’t even started the task cause of lack of details/information. He’s busy and he cancelled it. I DIDN’T GET ANYTHING AT ALL, and my next order was completed after 14days for $8 and when it cancelled they deducted my earnings from another gig. NOTHING THAT I SHOULD REFUND CAUSE I DIDN’T GET ANYTHING AT ALL… I’m not the one who’ll pay it

Hi,fiverr never charged any cancellation charges from the seller.there might be any other issue with yours account.

That I know too, but it’s been happening LOT times already. This is not the first time.

I have the exact same problem except I lost $12!! What do I do!!

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